Flat Stand

We make our flat stands with caster wheels from IKEA and birch wood.  You can use poplar, but the birch holds up better as they get banged up a bit during transport.  We make 4 pieces of birch that are 18″ long by 3½” wide using a ¾” thick birch board.  We also cut 4 triangles that are 3½” sides, so you will need 7″ long for that section.  You can either purchase one board that is 80″ long or two boards that are 48″.  You will need 16 sheet metal screws, #8 x ¾”, used to attach the wheels and 24 wood screws, #8 x 1¼”, used to hold the wood members together.  We cut little pieces of indoor/outdoor carpeting and glue it on in little triangles for the drum to sit on.  In the past we have carpeted the entire bottom section, but it may dampen the sound too much.