Materials and Estimated Costs

The main components of your drum are the barrel, the tacks and the skins.  Usually we pay about $175 for the barrel, about $50 for the tacks and $185 for a half hide, which yields 2 and sometimes 3 heads.  Other items that add to the cost are sand papers, stain and polyurethane, epoxy and so on.  We spend about $35 making a flat stand with wheels.  The main items total $445, so adding in the smaller costs it usually runs around $500 as of 2015.

Barrel:  Ron Young of The Barrel Shop has recently retired.  So, stay tuned for addition information.

Tacks:  We order tacks from kaDon online store.  A box of #6 sized tacks has 600 in it.  These are labeled as 18.2mm and we use about 220 tacks per drum.  Currently a box is $95.

Skins:  The skins are cut from a half hide which we purchase from the Stern Tanning Co.  All their prices are on their website.  Taiko heads are on the second page under:  Conga / Taiko Heads, and we order the “Natural Steer”.

             Go to website:  
              Then click on:            Rawhide for Percussion Instruments
              Then click on:            Prices and shipping
We also have purchased already cut skins in circular disks from Bill Confer of Tejas Industries, but he has recently retired.

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